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A Brief Tour Through Alter do Chão Stud Farm


Coudelaria de Alter do Chão

The stud farm occupies eight hundred hectares of wonderful countryside, dedicated to the nobility of the Lusitanian horse.

King D. João V founded the royal stud farm in 1748 with the aim of preparing horses for the royal riding school.

"May this breed be kept forever pure",

the kingdom was commanded in 1812.

Alter do Chao horseXperiences Portugal horse riding holidays

As you go round the stud, you will find out about its history from the pictures on display in the entrance. In the stables, admire the haughtiness of the Alter Real breed of Lusitanian horse, and learn how they become top stallions and how they are selected for the advanced riding school.

Visit the riding schools, stables and museum, where you can learn everything there is to know about how these horses are bred. Be sure to see the Coach House, with its collection of objects related to horse breeding.

Alter do Chao horseXperiences Horse Riding Holidays


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