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Dear 2020, Nice Try.

 horseXperiences LONDON

Let’s cast our minds back to January. 

We’d just launched our new platform.

Zoom was just another verb. 

Life was good. 

Then… the C word happened.

Covid meant we had to adapt and innovate faster than ever before. 
But luckily, innovating is kind of our M.O and getting stuff done is a non-negotiable.

👇 Stuff we got done👇

✅ Launch our new Platform

✅ Enabled PSD2 Payments

✅ Introduced more than 15 Holiday eXperiences 

✅ We let you Book Now and Pay Later

✅ We stopped our bookings in February 

✅ Launched our first ever beta version of Click&Ride


✅ Clinched something else considerably crucial (that we can’t quite share yet 🤐)


Oh, and rebuilt our entire company over a single weekend in April, no big deal 🙃

When the world changed, we changed with it.

The pandemic meant we didn’t just need to work harder. We had to care harder too. For our colleagues, our customers, and our community. 

So that’s what we did.


We stopped accepting bookings for 2020

Dealing with refunds and cancellations it's nowhere pleasurable neither efficient. Not to mention the sadness on receiving a holiday cancellation email.

horseXperiences NO BOOKINGS


We raised awareness and acted fast 😷

We've decided to pause all our operations and continue our investment on a digitall basis. We've allocated our partners a free digital platform to update their availability to receive guests.

horseXperiences Tailored Horse Riding Holidays

We pulled together 💪

We did everything we could to save as many jobs as we could at horseXperiences. And thanks to our partners and suppliers, we got through this year with no cuts on our projects.



We've finished our first eXperiences and we've started building a new app, allowing our guests to go wherever they want, whenever they want (as long as it's already 2021!)

Because now they can!

horseXperiences Click&Ride


100% decrease in “cancellation and refund 🤬 ” DMs

horseXperiences Google Review


We've prepared ourselves for the UK's departure from European Union and booking with us will be the same as if it didn't even happened!

horseXperiences Brexit


But most of all WE DID OUR PART..DO YOURS!


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