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Málaga to Suspend Rent-a-Car Services During Holiday Season

CO2 emissions jumped to a record high in 2018, according to a report, dashing hopes a plateau of recent years would be maintained. It means emissions are heading in the opposite direction to the deep cuts urgently needed, say scientists, to fight climate change.

The rise is due to the growing number of cars on the roads and a renaissance of coal use and means the world remains on the track to catastrophic global warming. However, the report’s authors said the emissions trend can still be turned around by 2020, if cuts are made in transport, industry and farming emissions.

The research by the Global Carbon Project was launched at the UN climate summit in Katowice, Poland, where almost 200 nations were working to turn the vision of tackling climate change agreed in Paris in 2015 into action. The report estimates CO2 emissions will rise by 2.7% in 2018, sharply up on the plateau from 2014-16 and 1.6% rise in 2017.

CO2 is by far the biggest contributor to climate change, and global efforts to prevent environmental disaster largely focus on transitioning away from industries that pump it into the air.


Málaga's city Mayor, and an important horse breeder, spoke to horseXperiences™ TV and told us his ideia to decrease CO2 emissions and how to make Málaga a modern city: "Málaga is an open city!"

"We receive in Andalucia more than 10 million visitors per year."

Although everyone is welcomed most part of our guests tend to rent a car in the airport to reach their holiday destination, resulting in the increase of CO2 emissions into the air. On a long term this will decrease the air quality both for locals and visitors.

“We decided to take action and suspend the car rental services during the months of July and August, where the number of cars on the road is significantly higher."

When confronted by the car rental companies the Mayor said:

"I don't care, buy a horse. We might have some for sale."

Later on an interview he presented some solutions for tourist transportation: "Málaga will be ready to receive its visitors and we will do that by rebuilding its airport in a way every single guest has a mean of transport to the city center, a carriage pulled by horses or maybe even a saddled horse and some stables. From there plenty of solutions to reach your final destination will be available, like the bus and train stations or group car rental." Málaga’s Mayor also said: "Its'great, it's Feria (horse Fair) all year!"

We at horseXperiences™ loved the idea from our disguised city Mayor to have every single guest start their adventure right after getting out of their airplane but it's a total nonsense.

Happy #AprilFoolsDay!

Just a little message before you go:

Contrary to our fake story the research by the Global Carbon Project is real! Please think twice before your actions. That's the best action possible!

#climatechange #aprilfools

original text by Laurent Escobar

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